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Mr. Elvis Morain

Mr. Elvis Morain

Elvis Morain has been a public officer for over thirty (30) years.

Academic Achievement

Mr. Morain has a master’s degree in Human Resource Management and Development from the University of Leicester, a bachelor’s degree in Education Administration (Hons.) from the University of the West Indies and a certificate in Teacher Education. He received extensive training in the areas of Leadership and Management at the certificate level.

Career Achievement

Mr. Morain’s prominence in the public service began as a teacher on the staff of the St. Joseph’s RC School (Pomme Rose). He then joined the staff of his al mater, St. David’s Catholic Secondary School, where he served for a decade inclusive of two distinct leadership roles as Head of the Mathematics and Science Department and Vice Principal.

2012: Appointed as the first Principal of the J.W. Fletcher Catholic Secondary School.

2015: Appointed Chief Education Officer, a post he held for three (3) years.

2018: Continued his ascendency in the Public Service and was appointed Acting Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture and Lands.

2019: Appointed as Supervisor of Elections (Ag.) by Her Excellency The Governor-General, Dame Cecile La Grenade, on March 12, 2019.

Over the years, he served as co-tutor and facilitator in the delivery of many Leadership and Management training. He also served on many community and national organizations. He can be described as a renowned educator and is considered a sporting and cultural enthusiast. 

He is self-motivated with an unwavering passion towards his professional duties and a love for country.

He is guided by the belief that “you should endeavor to leave an organization better than you have met it”.