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Hon. Yolande Bain Horsford

Honourable Yolande Bain Horsford

Honorable Bain-Horsford is the Parliamentary Representative for St. Andrew’s South West and Minister for Agriculture and Lands. Minister Bain-Horsford resides in Grenville St. Andrew. She is proud to reside and represent a constituency that forms part of Grenada’s “breadbasket” and may be deemed as no coincidence that she is given the distinguished responsibility to lead Grenada’s Food and Nutrition Security portfolio.

Academic Achievement

Minister Bain-Horsford’s academic journey began at the St. Andrew’s Methodist Primary School and then to St. Joseph’s Convent St. Andrew. Subsequently, she attended St. Lawrence University Rockville, Ontario, Canada, where she pursued studies in Designing, Applied Arts and Technology. She also pursued training at the University of the West Indies, Mona in Gender Policy and Planning.

Career Achievement

Minister Bain-Horsford’s involvement in politics may have had its influence from her father’s involvement in the said field. Her political career began over two decades ago, which has seen her elevated to a Senior Cabinet Minister having been elected on three occasions to the Honorable House of Representative. She also has the distinct pleasure of serving in both Houses of Parliament. Most recently, she was appointed as a member of the Council of Ministers to transform and develop the social and economic order of the country’s largest parish. Her ministerial stewardship has seen her served as Minister for Social Development and Housing, Tourism and currently Agriculture and Lands.

As Director of Gender and Family Affairs; Director of Women’s Affairs, Institutional Strengthening (a United Nations Program to Support Good Governance), she piloted the passage of the Bill on Domestic Violence into law cited as The Domestic Violence Act.  She also directed a significant number of high impact economic programs for low income and unemployed women in rural areas. Minister Bain-Horsford was very instrumental in the development of the National Gender Policy for Grenada, the National Policy for the Disabled Persons, the National Child Welfare Authority and the established standards for all child-care facilities.

Minister Bain-Horsford has an illustrious record of Directorship and involvement in many service organizations. As a testimony of her service and passion toward the marginalized, she exudes a strong desire for the welfare of the senior (female) citizens of her constituency.

Her philosophy is “Do everything with a good heart, expect nothing in return”