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Hon. Nickolas Steele

Honourable Nickolas Steele

Academic Achievement

On completion of his studies as Double Island Scholar, Minister Steele returned to Grenada and joined his family business. His leadership led to the company’s growth and expansion. Today this company can boast as being the largest automotive supplier in Grenada. He has a passion for Sports, Arts and Culture and has been a key supporter for many initiatives in whichever Community he finds himself. For over 15 years, his company sponsored the River Road Pan Wizards Steel Orchestra as well as Basketball and Cricket teams. His support assisted many young and socially disadvantaged persons to grow and develop themselves and the Community.

Career Achievement

In 2004, after the devastation of hurricane Ivan, Minister Steele was recognized for his Leadership and ability to work well with others under tremendous pressure. He was a key volunteer with the National Emergency Relief Organization (NERO now NADMA) and played a significant role in coordinating, mobilizing and distributing relief supplies and assistance to thousands of affected Grenadians suffering in the aftermath of the hurricane.

Minister Steele served on a number of Boards including, the Grenada Board of Tourism, the Grenada Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Westmorland School and NERO (now NADMA). His various responsibilities led him to be an Organizer and Country Head of the Caribbean Canada Emerging Leaders Organization and coordinated the Royal visit of HRH Princess Royal. He is also an alumnus of the Commonwealth Leadership Development Conference held in New Delhi in 2007 under the patronage of the Duke of Edinburgh and Princess Royal.

In 2011, Minister Steele entered into Politics under the banner of the New National Party. He offered himself to serve as the electoral representative for the Town of St. George in the 2013 general elections. He was victorious in his bid and is now the Parliamentary Representative for the Town of St. George. As his party was given the mandate to form the Administration, he was invited to serve in the Cabinet of Ministers and given the portfolio of Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Business. Minister Steele served in this portfolio for two years, in which period he successfully re-established Grenada as a regional player with a re-energized foreign policy agenda. Under his stewardship, Grenada’s rose to a new level of active participation in multilateral organization Particularly United Nations, Organization of American States and Association of Caribbean States. Minister Steele is also credited for improving Grenada’s relations with the GCC countries and China.

In December 2014 he assumed the portfolio of Minister of Health and Social security and has taken on the responsibility to rebuild the countries ailing Health care sector as well as implementing a national health insurance system for all Grenadians. 

He’s ably supported by his wife Michelle and their three (3) Children.