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Hon. Emmalin Pierre

Honourable Emmalin Pierre

Emmalin Pierre lives at Simon in the Parish of St. Andrew. She has been married to Tafawa Pierre for 23 years and has 3 sons.

Academic Achievement

She has attained a degree in Youth Development and has gone on to do several courses in the area of Human Resource Development, and Leadership and Management, the latter of which has been her area of focus and passion, as she completes her master’s degree in Leadership and Innovation.

Career Achievement

Minister Pierre has been a strong advocate for young people and, from her teenage years, has hosted national radio and television programs targeting young people. She has represented young people locally, regionally and internationally, holding leadership positions, at all levels. 

She served as a teacher for 12 years and moved on to take up the position of Deputy Director of Youth within the Ministry of Youth and Sports. Shortly thereafter she was appointed a youth representative in the Senate (at the age of 27-years-old), and served as Minister of State in the Ministry of Youth and Sports, with responsibility for Youth Development.  She was later promoted to Minister for Youth.  

After winning her seat in the 2013 general elections, she was appointed Minister for Youth, Sports and Religious Affairs and served for 4 years in the position. She was then moved to the Prime Minister’s Ministry where she served as Minister for Implementation, Government Efficiency and Religious Affairs with added responsibility for the introduction of National Health Insurance. 

Emmalin Pierre is known and respected not just for her hard work and passion for youth development, but for her general leadership and management skills.  

In March 2018, Emmalin Pierre again contested and won the St. Andrew South East seat and this time was sworn in as the new Minister for Education, Human Resource Development Religious Affairs & Information.

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