Grenada's Pm pleased with expansion at Spiceland Mall International

Tuesday, September 12, 2017 6:47 AM - George's, Grenada

 ST. GEORGE'S, GRENADA, SEPTEMBER 12 2017 - GOVERNMENT INFORMATION SERVICE (GIS): - With just weeks to go before the official opening of the newly constructed wing at the Spiceland Mall International, Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell has recently visited the much talked-about premier shopping center to see firsthand the level of investment and expansion that has taken place at the mall. 

Dr. Mitchell and the mall’s Executive Director Mr. Hassan Hadeed toured the two-story 26000sq.ft additional shopping space where they met business operators and investors.

“My first impression was this place reminds me of any major mall or stores in New York, Miami or Washington that I have visited, so it shows that I don’t necessarily have to go there to do my shopping and get the quality of stuff that you’ll get there”, express the Prime Minister.

The Grenadian Leader further added, “It also became clear to me that the expansion that we’ve seen here would not have occurred if those involved in investing did not see serious opportunities for profits based on their activity‚Ķit’s clear that they have sensed what is taking place in this country economically.”

However Dr. Mitchell was happy to see the additional or new and reemerging businesses opening their doors at the facility and on island, which he says will provide more job opportunities for Grenadians, as it continues to send the right message about development in Grenada.

However the investor behind the multi-million dollar project Hassan Hadeed has described Grenada’s current economic climate as flourishing and positive.

He said from a local investor point of view he noticed the economic climate was improving and so he and his team came to the conclusion that it was the right time to embark on the expansion of Spiceland Mall.

“We’re confident that we’ve made the right decision and we believe that Grenada is continuing to develop and to grow economically,” Hadeed told the (GIS).

Asked why he chose to invest at this time, Hadeed replied, ”Any investor must feel confident that there is stability in the country and that the government is pro business and it does not matter which government is in power, and then you look for the signal to say there is development and presently there is development all over Grenada; and I do see various types of development taking place and that’s an indication that there is confidence and not just investors but the average Grenadian individuals who are expanding on their home that is an indication of confidence”, explained the local businessman




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