Grenadians awarded 53 scholarships - Many for study at SGU

Thursday, February 9, 2017 12:25 PM- George's, Grenada

St. George’s Grenada, FEB. 09, 2017: Fifty three scholarships, totaling more than $7 million U.S., approximately 90 percent of which are for study at the St. George’s University (SGU), were awarded to Grenadian students, during a ceremony at the Public Workers Union building in St. George, on February 3, 2017.

The Ministry of Education, Human Resource Development and The Environment hosted the ceremony, during which one masters student in international business; five island scholars and 24 other undergraduates pursuing degrees in the arts and sciences received 30 of the 53 awards.

Undergraduate areas of study include two nursing (associate degree) scholarships; scholarships in accounting and finance; psychology; marine biology, sociology; information technology; computers & technology; management; biology; international business and business management.

Johanson Felix, one of five Island Scholars, in the area of Information Technology, said, “I’m elated that I won the scholarship – government scholarship, island scholar. School is expensive and I’m sure the award is going to help in a big way.”

Felix said he will study computer science and has set the future goal of being a software engineer. One of his targets is to work for Google. His advice to other students is to remain focused and work hard.

Joseph Felix, father of Johanson Felix, said the scholarship will definitely assist his son in the pursuit of excellence.

“I’m very elated. Myself and his mother and I’m sure his younger brother, who is just five plus, is also elated, for him to win a scholarship of this nature,” he said.

A further 23 awards were presented to medical students, including three masters in public health; three pre-med, one in veterinary science and sixteen medical scholarship awards.

Leshaé Cenac is continuing her medical studies at the masters level. Her aim is to study oncology and be able to provide specialized health services, to persons with cancer in the near future. She would like to open the first oncology center in Grenada.

“From the ceremony you may have realized that the total tuition is about $200, 000 USD and honestly, I cannot afford that, so I am really grateful for the opportunity to receive this scholarship,” she said.

Permanent Secretary, with responsibility for Human Resource Development, Kevin Andall, presented an analogy to demonstrate the significant value of a medical scholarship.

“If you calculate the award for medicine, I shouldn’t even go further. You can build 2 houses and still buy a car,” he said.

Addressing the scholarship recipients, Sen. Simon Stiell, Minister of State, with responsibility for Human Resource Development, said, “We’ve identified those areas of study and those areas, as a Government, we seek to invest in terms of developing you – that human capital - that will directly feed back into our national development.”

Hon. Stiell also commended SGU for continually increasing numbers of scholarships.

Speaking to the awardees, Colin Dowe, Assistant Dean of Enrollment and Planning said, “We look forward to great things from you. Grenada needs you. The university needs you to be beacons of the excellent education that we provide on that True Blue peninsula.”

Additionally, Dowe encouraged parents and relatives to continue to support students, as they work towards the successful completion of their degrees.

Hon. Anthony Boatswain, Min. for Education, Human Resource Development and The Environment said, “I want to commend St. George’s University, for taking on this noble task of being the partner with Government, in building our human resource capacity.”

Both ministers also thanked the scholarship selection committee, who work solely on a voluntary basis, and the staff of the Scholarship Desk, in the Ministry of Education, Human Resource Development and the Environment, for their contribution to the process.




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