An official Statement from the Ministry of Health confirming the presence of Chikungunya in Grenada

Thursday, June 26, 2014 12:35 PM - George's, Grenada
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ST.GEORGE'S, GRENADA, JUNE 26, 2014 -GIS: Following reports from our medical personnel on the sister isle of Carriacou of suspected cases of the Chikungunya virus on the island, the Ministry of Health responded swiftly by taking a series of measures to contain the possible spread of the virus.

These included the taking of samples from suspected persons to confirm the presence of the virus on the Island. Today, Thursday the Ministry announces that there are five confirmed cases of Chikungunya on the sister Isle of Carriacou.

The confirmation of the cases was reported to the Health Ministry by the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA), late Wednesday evening.
All of the reported cases were identified in two villages on the sister isle of Carriacou, according to the Chief Medical Officer CMO Dr. George Mitchell.

In early January of this year the Ministry had embarked on a public education campaign to sensitize the public about Chikungunya when it was first announced in the Caribbean.

The Ministry continues to emphasize the need and importance for persons to clean their surroundings in helping to reduce Mosquito breeding.

Additionally the Ministry is appealing to the public to take all possible precautionary measures including the use of insect repellants, mosquito nets, appropriate clothing and to clean their surroundings to help reduce the spread of the virus. Chikungunya also known as (ChikV) is spread by the Aedes Aegypti Mosquito.

Meanwhile the Ministry of Health is confident that given its proactive measures taken thus far including its robust awareness campaign, that the spread of the virus can be managed and possibly reduced.

"We have been preparing since January 2014 for this possibility. It is understandable that some may be concerned about this situation, but this is first of infections and it represents a very low risk to the general public,” said the CMO.




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