Dutch Lady Milk Essay and Culinary Competitions

Tuesday, November 13, 2012 10:48 AM - St. George's, Grenada

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St. George’s, Grenada, Tuesday 13th November, 2012, MOEPRU - The Literary and culinary skills of students of both primary and secondary schools across the island are being challenged with two competitions, being run by Hubbard’s Agencies in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development.

Hubbard’s Agencies, agents for Dutch Lady Milk, is hosting   the Second Annual Primary and Secondary Schools’ Essay Competition and students are encouraged to write on the topic:  ‘Why should milk be a part of the daily diet?’  This competition is open to all Grades Five and Six students in the primary schools, and Forms One and Two students of the secondary schools.

Essays must be hand written and must be 350-400 words for primary students and 500-600 words        for secondary students.

Each entry has to be accompanied by proof of purchase of any size Dutch Lady Milk Powder carton.

Essays will be judged on the basis of health facts, content, grammar, clarity, sequencing and legibility and students are expected to research the topic and then write their essay in a controlled environment.

All essays should be submitted to Mrs. Pamela Courtney, Curriculum Development Officer (Home Economics), Curriculum Development Unit, Ministry of Education & Human Resource Development no later than Friday November 30, 2012.

Prizes for the essay competition include computers and vouchers as well as a challenge trophy, which will be presented to the winning school in each category.

The culinary competition targets all Forms Four and Five Food and Nutrition students in all secondary schools and is geared at increasing awareness of ‘Dutch Lady’ brand milk among students and encouraging them to use it in the preparation of their dishes.

The competition also aims to enhance students’ preparedness for the CXC practical Food and Nutrition examinations, build self-confidence in students and improve their culinary skills and assist in the development of young persons who are desirous of having a career in the Culinary Arts.

The culinary challenge will be held in two rounds: a semi-final round with all schools that have entered and a final round comprising of the schools selected from the semi-finals.  All schools can enter a team of two or four students; however two students will compete in any one category. 

The semi-final takes place on December 10th, 2012 and the final takes place on December 13th, 2012 at the Grenville Home Economics Centre at 10:00a.m. on both days.

This competition is organized as follows:

  • There will be two categories in the semi-finals:  Main Dish and Dessert.
  • All secondary schools can enter with a team of two to four students per school.
  • Participants will be given food items in a “mystery” basket which they must use in the preparation of their dishes.
  • When the mystery basket is revealed, teachers will have a five minutes briefing with their students.
  • All items given in the basket should be used in the preparation of dishes.  

This competition will be held live.  This means that participants will prepare their dishes in front of the judges.

  • Participating schools may carry their own ingredients to use in the preparation of dishes during the competition.                                                                          
  • Schools can prepare dishes of their choice, once it falls within the categories specified in the competition.                                                        
  • Schools may also carry any special tools and serving equipment which will enhance the presentation of their final product.
  • All participants will compete in the following categories: Dessert and a Main Dish with a starchy accompaniment.
  • In each round of competition, participants will be given (50) fifty minutes to prepare and present two plates to the judges.
  • The scores for each category in the semi-final round will be added and the schools with the highest scores will advance to the finals.
  • Dutch Lady Milk is the main sponsor of this competition; therefore, participants must make use of Dutch Lady Milk in all their products.
  • The Entrée category will be added to the finals of this competition.
  • A team of two students per school will compete in each category.
  • All participants will be awarded certificates of participation and Dutch Lady products. The winning schools will receive attractive prizes.
  • The overall winner will receive a challenge trophy which will be kept after three wins.
  • This event will be an annual activity.
  • The competition will be judged on the following criteria:  creative use of ingredients, hygiene, taste and texture of dishes, technical skills and presentation.

The prizes for this competition are as follows:


1st Prize          -           One consol cooker

2nd Prize         -           One heavy duty blender

3rd Prize          -           One microwave oven

4th Prize                    -           One cake mixer

5th Prize          -           One toaster oven

6th Prize          -           One 7-piece pot set

7th Prize          -           One 4-piece baking set








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