Flow participates in IPv6 Day Celebration

Thursday, June 9, 2011 4:09 PM

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ST. GEORGE’S, GRENADA, THURSDAY, JUNE 9TH, 2011 – Customers of Flow Grenada were afforded a unique opportunity on Wednesday, June 8, to benefit from the global celebration of Internet Protocol Version Six Day, better known as IPv6 Day.

For 24 hours, Flow Grenada customers had unfettered access to both internet protocol version four enabled websites as well as IPv6 enabled ones.

The opportunity came as hundreds of websites including major industry players, such as Google, Facebook and Yahoo, joined forces with the Internet Society to test their readiness to run dual stacked websites; that is, websites enabled by both IPv4 and IPv6.

IPv4 and IPv6 are numeric addresses assigned to computers that grant them access to an internet network. These addresses are the reasons why people can communicate with each other and access unlimited information, via the internet.

For years, IPv4 has been the presiding protocol assigning addresses to computers, cellular phones and other devices wishing to access the internet. However, IPv4 addresses are dwindling and are expected to be exhausted by year’s end. IPv6 however, offers as much as four billion times the amount of addresses offered by IPv4.

As such, there is increasing urgency for internet service providers, operating system manufacturers, websites, hardware developers and all internet companies to make their products IPv6 ready.

Brent Mc Intosh, Flow Grenada’s regional manager of network services for the southern Caribbean, said his company has been successfully testing its readiness for years and is prepared to cross over.

“Flow’s network is IPv6 capable,” he said. “Internet registries have been urging service providers to ready their networks for IPv6, and so we have been actively testing since 2009.”

According to the regional manager, Wednesday’s test run produced no noticeable hiccoughs or service calls from disgruntled consumers.

This was of no surprise to Mc Intosh. The day before the anticipated global test run he had indicated that machines would be automatically capable of connecting to IPv6 enabled sites and that users, “would not be affected in any way.”

However, Mc Intosh did indicate that at some point in the future, when IPv6 enabled websites become more common, users may be required to either update their existing internet routers or be forced to purchase new ones.

World IPv6 Day offered companies the opportunity to do extensive testing of their infrastructure. It also promoted awareness amongst hardware and software suppliers about the need to mobilize and create products that are capable of supporting IPv6.






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