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Donnan Victor

Mr. Donnan Victor

Mr. Victor has 33 years of experience in the Governments service, and has acquired training and expertise in the areas of Management, Management development, Narcotic investigations, fiscal reform, commercial fraud and GATT valuation.  As a long-standing government employee, Mr. Victor is committed to the continued growth and achievement of both the Customs and Excise Division and Government service.

Career Achievement

April 2016- Appointed as the Comptroller of Customs

2009-2016- Appointed as Deputy Comptroller of Customs

January 2008- Returned to Customs and Excise Division

3rd May 2005- Due to the passage of hurricane Ivan, Mr. Victor was released by the Public Service Commission to the Agency for Reconstruction and Development for approximately two and a half years

1st July 2004- With the decision to reintroduce VAT in Grenada, Mr. Victor was assigned to the Value Added Tax (VAT) implementation team on a full-time basis

1999- Appointed as Supervisor of Customs

1993-Appointed as Senior Customs Officer

1986- Joined the staff of the Customs and Excise Division, Ministry of Finance as a class I Clerk

1st October 1979- Entered the Government service