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Darshan Ramdhani

Mr. Darshan Ramdhani

Mr. Darshan Ramdhani was appointed Attorney-General in Grenada on 3rd January, 2019.

Career Achievement

On the invitation of the OECS Supreme Court, Darshan Ramdhani has served as a High Court Judge on a number of acting stints over the last four years. Mr. Ramdhani did a 10 months stint in St. Kitts as the Resident Judge. He also spent over 10 months in St. Lucia primarily as a Judge in the Criminal Jurisdiction. Mr. Ramdhani also sat in the British Virgin Islands, Antigua and Anguilla. Over these various periods, Mr. Ramdhani has delivered over 70 written decisions, most of which are posted on the Court’s website. See some of them on the sidebar. 

Mr. Ramdhani, now in private practice, is former Solicitor General of Grenada, has also been Acting Director of Public Prosecutions there. During the last decade, Mr. Ramdhani worked with the Governments of Grenada and Turks and Caicos Islands. In the TCI he was the senior lawyer in the Civil Litigation Department, a prosecutor and lead counsel for the Financial Intelligence Unit. Whilst in the TCI, he provided the legal expertise which led off the investigation and eventual arrest of David Smith of OLINT TCI.

At present, he is recognized by the World Justice Project as an expert contributor. See Link for WJP

In the early 2000s, apart from representing the Government in constitutional and public law matters, he was specially retained by the Government of Guyana in certain high-profile criminal cases, including the prosecution of a Treason Charge. Mr. Ramdhani had a prolific stint in the High Court in Guyana in capital offenses with an unblemished record in murder cases.

Whilst, he was Solicitor General in Grenada, Mr. Ramdhani expertise came to bear as he provided timely and expert advice on many important matters on aspects of government, inclusive of high-level commercial projects.

Mr. Ramdhani has:

  • Worked in Private Practice for approximately five years in Guyana. Criminal and Civil Litigator (Inclusive of Major Criminal Jury Trials, Personal Injuries, Taxation and Constitutional/Pubic Law Matters (compulsory land acquisitions & compensations, immigration, grant & revocation of licenses, retained by the Government to Represent the State in public law dismissals cases. etc.)).
  • Publisher/Managing Editor of ‘Caribbean Law Online’ (‘’) – an online legal magazine covering the region.
  • Author of a legal text – ‘Confession Evidence – Practice and Procedure in the Commonwealth Caribbean’2008, Published by Aequitas Publishing.
  • Member of the following Bars – Guyana, Grenada, Trinidad and Tobago and New York, USA.
  • Expert Presenter/Trainer on Human Trafficking in the Caribbean – Invited by the Organisation of American States to train law enforcement (judges, magistrates, police, immigration official and other government officials) in Human Trafficking issues in a number of Caribbean Territories.
  • Former Grenada Lead Expert of the committee of Experts on the OAS MESICIC
  • Member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Legal Anthropology (Anthropologies in Translation)
  • Has been a Martial Arts Instructor in the Japanese Style of Jui Jitsu. Practises Yoga.